Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last Minute Panama City Beach Spring Break Specials!

If you are not currently in Panama City Beach, FL you are missing one of the best Spring Breaks ever! It's not too late to catch the warm sun, sandy beach, and Spring Break Party action. Many affordable hotels in Panama City Beach are featuring last minute discounts. Visit right now, pack your bags, and head down to enjoy Spring Break in Florida! If you are not looking for the party crowd consider a trip just west in Destin. For affordable hotels in Destin visit

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Under 21- 18 and Up Hotel Rooms in Panama City Beach

Searching for Panama City Beach Hotels that allow guest under 21 can be a difficult task. Not to worry, has made finding accommodations for 18 and up easy! If you are searching for a Spring Break getaway and you are underage visit our site and look for the "18 & up" amenity option. For families looking to hit the beach for spring break take a look and head slightly west to Destin, FL. For affordable accommodations in Destin visit our other site at Cheap Destin Hotels.