Saturday, August 28, 2010

Panama City Beach Hotels with Kitchen

So you're heading to Panama City Beach and you are looking to save money. You've found Panama City Hotels Cheap so you've got the first step covered. When planning an affordable beach vacation booking a cheap hotel is only one way to save money. After lodging, the next costly expense on vacation is the food. Dining out breakfast, lunch, and dinner adds up and can put a strain on the budget. Not to worry, we've got a tip for travelers looking to save money that is often overlooked. By reserving a hotel with a kitchen or kitchenette you can save hundreds of dollars off the family budget. For this very reason we have added an attribute on Panama City Hotels Cheap showing all the hotels in Panama City Beach with Kitchen. To locate hotels with a kitchen head over to and have even more fun with all the money you have saved!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Panama City Beach Blog

If you haven't noticed, Panama City Hotels Cheap features an interactive blog highlighting cheap hotels and attractions in PCB. As locally owned company we have watched Panama City Beach grow from a small beach town, to a spring break hot spot, into a well rounded family vacation destination. We keep our fingers on the pulse of the town and share a vast range of information for our customers. We are also always looking to improve. If you have any ideas on topics or subjects you'd like us to write about please feel free to leave a post below. So before you plan your trip to PCB be sure to visit our Panama City Beach Blog.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Obama in Panama City Beach!

President Obama declares Panama City Beach and the Gulf Coast "Open for business!" The President and his family chose to visit PCB to show the nation that the beaches are clean and have been for quite sometime. The national attention has caused tourist from all over the country to pay closer attention to our home and beach vacation destination. Although many call the visit to our coast a publicity stunt, tourism is our only industry and provides income for many local families and the added exposure is welcomed. Hotels in Panama City Beach have seen a sharp decline in bookings during the BP oil disaster resulting in lower hotel room rates. Take advantage of these discounted hotel rates and clean beaches by planning a trip to Panama City Beach. As always Panama City Hotels Cheap offers discounted hotel room rates!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Daytona Hotels Cheap

Daytona Hotels Cheap is the latest website to be launched featuring affordable hotels! Just like Panama City Hotels Cheap, the Daytona Beach site will feature all the hotels you know and love for the lowest online rates. Daytona is one of Florida's most affordable beach locations with hotels on the ocean with rates as low as $50! As the center of "Florida's Fun Coast" and home to the Daytona Speedway it will be easy to find a reason to head to this cheap FL vacation spot. Explore this low priced city and our newest website Daytona Hotels Cheap.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Holiday Inn Resort Panama City Beach

Holiday Inn Resort is one of the most popular hotels on the beach in Panama City Beach. This affordable Panama City Hotel boasts 340 gulf-front hotel rooms, all featuring private balconies. Take a dip in the refreshing beach side pool or grab a drink from the poolside Tiki bar. With 2 great restaurants to choose from you may not have to leave the resort. The Holiday Inn SunSpree is also home to Aqualand and features dedicated activities for kids. Book your vacation today and see why the Holiday Inn SunSpree is continually rated one of the best hotels in Panama City Beach.