Saturday, May 21, 2011

Non Smoking Hotels Panama City Beach

Our company owns and operates many vacation and travel websites throughout the state of Florida. Being that we only operate in Florida we hardly think to include the smoking preference on hotels and resorts that we partner with. If you are looking for non smoking hotels in Panama City Beach or anywhere in FL you will be glad to know that all hotels and resorts are non smoking! Even mom and pop roadside motels are mandated to be non smoking. This may be bad news if you are looking for a smoking hotel in Panama City, because by code, there are none. If you are a smoker you will find pleasure knowing that smoking is permitted on both the beach and balconies. With this being said it is still advised to be courteous to the other visitors of Panama City around you. To find the best deal on accommodations in PCB be sure to visit us at Panama City Hotels Cheap.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Panama City Beach Nightlife

There are many reasons our guest choose to visit Panama City Beach, and more than ever we are seeing that people are looking to party at the beach! Our little beach town has become world famous for its nightlife. Most notably Panama City Beach is ranked in as a top spring break party destination, but once spring break passes, the partying doesn’t stop. With many cheap hotels in Panama City Beach getting away for a party weekend is a must. With so many choices for nightlife in Panama City Beach, where should you go? Although the list of bars and night clubs could be an article in itself, we only have time to mention the most important. The nightlife in Panama City Beach starts and ends with Club Le Vela! This super club features 9 different themed club rooms and is home to live music and concert events. Start planning your party weekend with Panama City Hotels Cheap!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Where to stay in Panama City Beach?

With so many cheap Panama City Beach hotels how do you decide where to stay? Searching for the perfect hotel to have the ideal PCB vacation can become overwhelming if you do not know what you are looking at. Finding a place to stay in Panama City Beach becomes easier after the initial visit. In fact many guests return to our beautiful beaches every year! So how do you decide where to stay in Panama City Beach? Our site lists ONLY hotels that we have personally visited. So you can rest assure that any hotel featured on Panama City Hotels Cheap is where you should stay. Now what if you don’t want to look through our vast selection of discount hotels? Then we say stay at the Holiday Inn SunSpree. Although this is not the cheapest location, it is our favorite hotel. For this location and other places to stay in Panama City Beach be sure to visit us at