Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spring Break Hotels in Panama City Beach

Everyone knows spring break in Panama City Beach is a party like no other. What is not so well known is the task of finding accommodations is not so easy. Although this beach-side Florida city is the capital of spring break in the US, only a handful of locations will rent to guests under 21. If you are over 21 than the town is ripe for the picking, you can book all hotels but you do have to be 25 or older to reserve a condo. What if no one in your group is 21? That used to mean you’d have a long and somewhat disappointing search ahead of you. Not any more! We have created a web page solely dedicated to highlighting spring break hotels in Panama City Beach. Although the locations shown will require an additional deposit, these hotels welcome you with open arms. They do book fast and it’s best to reserve online to claim your room. For all hotels in PCB be sure to check us out at Panama City Hotels Cheap.